Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Starbucks Now Has Coconut Milk

Image result for coconut milk at starbucks

Wow, it's amazing!!!  Isn't it?  First Duncan Donuts starts offering almond milk and now Starbucks has coconut milk on their menu.  I'm not a fan of soy milk but I will get it if I get a latte at Starbucks because it was my only option.  I'm thrilled.  My daughter is excited too.  She would prefer they also carry almond milk and I do too. But it's awesome that more and more establishments are providing more dairy alternatives.  Baby steps!

I don't think these establishments need to charge us extra for these options though.  I'm sure the cost of the containers of almond milk and coconut milk aren't that much more than the dairy options and certainly not 60 cents more for the amount used.  But it's okay for now.  They charge us because they can and we will pay for it if we want to drink their beverages.